Natural Gas

November 6, 2015

India’s Gas Pricing System

India has a complex and heterogeneous gas pricing system mainly composed of two pricing regimes viz. APM (Administrative Price Mechanism) and non-APM (aka. free market gas). The APM gas price is declared by Petroleum Planning and Analysis Cell (PPAC).  The non-APM/free…

November 6, 2015

Industry wise use of Natural Gas in India

India is the world's seventh largest energy producer, accounting for 2.49% of the world's total annual energy production.  Around 60% of the natural gas produced in India is used for Energy purpose.  Out of this, maximum amount is used in Power Generation,…

November 5, 2015

India’s Oil & Natural Gas Reserves

As per the 2011 data, India's total proven and indicated reserves are 757 million metric tonnes of crude oil and 1241 billion cubic meters of natural gas. The total number of exploratory and development wells and metreage drilled in onshore…