Ordinance Power [Krishna Kumar Singh vs. State of Bihar] Judgement

March 4, 2017

On January 2, the Supreme Court has delivered a judgment in Krishna Kumar Singh vs. State of Bihar,  stating that ordinances are subject to judicial review, and do not automatically create enduring effects. Put simply, ordinances are not immune from judicial challenge. This judgment is expected to...

Social Justice Benches of Supreme Court of India

January 25, 2017

After being sworn in as the Chief Justice of India, a laudable step taken by Justice JS Khehar was to revive the popular social justice bench that was set up in December 2014, by reversing his predecessor Justice TS Thakur’s decision. This has been a very welcoming...

Right to Privacy as Fundamental Right

November 13, 2015

Right to privacy was earlier recognized as “implicit” in the right to life and liberty – guaranteed by Article 21 of the constitution. However, implicit rights have been subject to judicial scrutiny time and again. As per current judicial pronouncements, the right to privacy is a fundamental...

Problem of Pending Court Cases in India

October 20, 2015

Indian judicial system is reeling under a back-breaking load of 3 Crore pending cases in various levels of the courts across the country. Urgent steps need to be taken to address the situation and at the current pace it will take about 300 years to clear the...

Supreme Court verdict on unwed mothers

July 8, 2015

The Supreme Court on 6th July 2015 passed a landmark judgement that allows an unwed mother to be the sole legal guardian of her child without the consent of the father. This judgement has broken a long edifice of patriarchal supremacy in the society. Background According to...

Key Hindrances to Good Governance

March 29, 2015

Good governance means an accountable and audited public service which has the bureaucratic competence to implement appropriate public policies and an independent judicial system to uphold the law. Despite the continuing efforts to enhance the quality of governance in the country, from insufficiencies and complexities, both structural...

Importance of Ethical Values in Good Governance

March 26, 2015

Discuss the values that characterize good governance while throwing light on their importance.