GK & Current Affairs: December 1, 2016

This is an experimental video; please leave your feedback in comment section.

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  • Shukla.ravi

    Nice video…. It is make easy to remember

    • Lakshmi Krishnan

      its a gud initiative..but i prefer the other way reading and writing down…th video mite either be slow or be fast differing from person to person…..

    • Saurav1

      Previous one was better….

  • yernaidu

    if you don’t mine..please avoid this type of videos..because.. we don’t have much of megabytes(MB) for the videos….it would be better to go on previous version..

  • DrNarender Jakhar

    Wonderful and Best way for GK..👍🏻

  • Dynamite_Kapur

    Well done. But dont u think wrt Q4. If one say China GDP is far below would be an overstatement.

  • rockersachin1

    Nice initiative, but I prefer reading GKTODAY’s quiz portal. reading takes a little time, as i can revise with in 4 to 5 minute,but watching this video will take around 20 minutes.. I feel this video initiative can help others but for me, I stick with reading..

  • Asha Jyothi

    too much length… but great dont miss any date plz upload nov 30

  • amansah

    It’s a very good initiative, much more better than previous version of posting the Quiz. Reasons being –
    a) Humans mind respond and adapt to visual elements not only quickly but very easily and are able to remember that for a very long period.
    b) in video version more minute detailed analysis can be provided by the faculty.
    Thank you.

  • ramyanatraj


  • Jimjamjimmy

    Nice one… go ahead.. I’m loving it 👍

  • abishekbaddam

    Good but it consumes bit more time for video compared to earlier version and it depends on person to person so better to implement earlier

  • vishnu reddy

    Previous version and latest video both are good
    better u will provide both
    Thank u

  • Justice

    Very nice initiative. I prefer this to be the best method of teaching. You must go ahead with this method of learning

  • Gloria

    Plz provide both methods
    For readers to let decide

  • chiku_tini

    since i save the quiz in word format….i would prefer the previous version
    will be grateful if u continue wid d previous version.


  • bharat.suri91

    Nice one , but i would personally prefer the previous version bcoz that would take a short time to complete the quiz ,but this is taking 20 mins for the same no. of questions.
    Please do not remove the previous version.
    Thank you.

  • K Madhu

    If you could provide both it would be informative to all…

  • darsh2513

    Its good , but i am also prefer and suggest for older version , because its time consuming first of all and 2nd thing i am facing too much buffering . In older version we can give a test and easy to do revision.

    You can make a youtube channel for videos but dont change the older version .
    Thank you.

  • Aritra Mondal

    No no no no no no no, NO, HELL NO! Would like to have the previous format back, please!!!!!!! You do this, you lose users at a massive rate, trust me.

    • darsh2513

      Yup you are right …

      Plz come back with previou format

  • BITU

    Nice one

  • prashantharsh

    Please go back to old version that was very useful and please do it as fast as you can.New version is very time consuming,previous was easy to revise.

  • Lala

    it’s very lengthy and take so much time and mb.previous version of gk today is far better than that. So,don’t stop giving quizzes in previous manner.

  • Bhagya Vijayan

    pls dnt continue with videos, need back previous version of quiz portal

  • ank_monu

    previous version is far better than this…sometime we don’t have good internet speed..so we can’t watch the video..
    n normal quiz we can save n read it later…revise it completely i exam times

  • Akash Namdev

    previous version is better than lattes version

  • priyankapk

    Thanks for Video. But if possible please try upload both methods, earlier one also and video also. Let the user Decide what he/she wants !
    Great Initiative.
    Thanks for helping Thousands of Candidates without even Taking a charge of Single Rupee.
    Thanks GK TODAY Team.
    Voice Quality of Video is also More than fine. Teacher was very good for explanation. Thanks Mam you too.

  • Omsai Ram

    This version is also good and understand very well by vidio representation. If possible then provide previous version along with this new.Thanks

  • ashwin kumar maurya

    video is very lengthy for 10 questions…. i can read whole thing in 5 mins… it will be better if you give both the options of reading and video but only video is time consuming

  • vb_16

    Great intiative…its easy for memorizing always..thank u so much to the entire team.

  • Jitendra Namdeo

    previous version is better to recognize and is easy to read

  • meshiva1210

    please ….. don’t put these videos…..carry on with previous style only..videos are not working properly … some times errors occurred …and these problems are often with videos …… question answer format is best … please continue that format only!!!!!


    Really a marvellous initiative. It should be continued and is far better than previous.

  • naveen porwal

    It’s good initiative, however earlier version is much better comparison to video. Minimum data, reading and writing wth fact’s….

  • jaydeep

    no, continue with the quiz in text format…

  • vijaykce2015

    Earlier version is better ….because this type of version need more data…..and 2G network users is affected….. Pls upload earlier version….

    • darsh2513

      Yup you are right , bro

  • shubham_joy

    It’s to good plz continue this it’s to productive.

  • siddesh

    Both are very nice,as you have the questions in text format to explain,please upload that also and video came effectively,please upload both versions……

  • anamul

    video make eisyer to remembert but quiz format more well .
    plz continue quiz format

  • Deep2011

    Jan-2017 mein exam hai, pls contine in previous version.plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • hemaxi

    reading version is really good than video version…this one is bit time consuming…pls continue with previous one

  • gvgvenkat

    this is good but, old version is nice …

  • Ombir Cool Royal

    this is not good ,,,old petterns text format ,,,,,is good

  • HarshithaHS

    Please continue with the previous version. The video takes a lot of time.

  • ankitasaroj

    Previous version was much better than this. Question answer format was the best one. This could be better if you also include the previous style along with this. I would love to study from gktoday but if this format is going to be continued then from today I am not going to even open this website.

  • Sahil Bhadu

    plz provide previous versions..

  • abcdefg

    it’s booooring to look at a video time waste ####

  • gauri_8399

    The video was great! No Doubt , a New Initiative, A good One Indeed!! But since many of the people do not have 3G or 4G networks, It is quite difficult and the person may feel bad, because of buffering!
    So it’s better to go for both of them simultaneously. Whichever mode we’re comfortable with, can go for it!
    Thanks! :)

  • Rinky Sahoo

    gud initiative,but previous one was best…..plz u can upoad both version na….

  • darsh2513

    Plz come with older format
    Plz plz plz plz plz plz plz

  • Rinky Sahoo

    previous version was gud….for study n note making.u can keep both versions

  • Lokesh Londhe

    Respected Sir/Madam,
    After a long hard day when i crave for peace and silence i sit in the corner of my room and open your site and read quietly.
    Pardon me for being old fashioned but I prefer reading over watching video.
    Please consider my kind request.
    Hoping for positive outcome,
    Thank You Sir/Madam.
    -Your`s Sincere User.

  • Tripurari Mishra

    Please continue with previous format only….already online space is full of such initiatives. Gktoday is the only platform which stands out amongst them…Don’t lose your uniqueness; otherwise, you would lose out on viewers severely. It might sound a bit harsh…but sadly this is the truth!!!

  • DSubudhi

    its better,keep up with this audio-video version instead of only reading version. It makes easier to memorise. Little time consuming ,but its alright.

  • Moosa.moses

    i will prefer written format ,,,,,,nice effort by the way..thanks !

  • Romit Sharma

    MAM/SIR, as a regular follower of your channel, i sincerely call you to please retain the quiz initiative in its previous form due to certain intrinsic drawbacks of new initiative.
    1. video buffering takes time and large amount of data lost
    2. easy to revise from handwritten notes/saved pdf/word files
    3. highly time consuming
    4. writing not clear
    5. making notes from video will result in facts gaining precedence over understanding topics
    I do hope, comments of others calling for retaining the intitiative in older form and this one would be heeded by your team

  • Diva

    a Big noooooooooooooo to this…. please provide it in older format that was much better……….. plzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Bangaram

    nice video but previous one gud

  • md.kaleemullah

    previous one was better.its lengthy n time consuming…didnt like it…old is gold

  • Gaurav7777

    Please don’t discontinue the old format!

  • ajay gr

    gud attempt bt we cant revised with videos always ,, plz continue with existing protal

  • Anubhav Sangwan

    It’s a good initiative taken by GKTODAY team but its an advice to you that you should consider all the readers on your website there are around 33000 subscribers as i can see.
    Its not necessary that everyone has that much fast internet connection that allows them to surf through the video so At end i would like to give a suggestion on this initiative that please do opt both the methods or else you will lose your Visitors on this PORTAL

  • Gourav Sharma

    it consumes more time, previous one was better.

  • dheerendra chaturvedi

    good one, easy to remember.

  • Raja Majumdar

    It’s no doubt good initiative but previous one was very helpful and user friendly. Please make an arrangement for the older one.

  • SanketJ

    Though its a good initiative, but some people like me would like to just read and give answer as fast as possible but with video its time consuming. Previous one was better !

  • Md Jarjis Hossain

    undoubtedly very good initiative…But if you take my opinion, then please continue both version( previous and as well as current version) for the time being. Once people are adapted with the new one, you may go forward with positive attitude.

  • Nitul Das

    GOOD.But every info is not equally necessary for sure.Too much info makes it really boring.

  • Bhabani Sankar Sahoo

    Thanks for this video.This video takes 20 minutes .Try to make with in 10 to 15 minutes.Just like the question no.5,,underground oil storage facility in India…First you told the answer from the option and than the other two storages…that’s it…after what you told, it took much more time and the video became lengthy..Bdw nice pronunciation & fluency in english Mam….Thank you

  • ashish yadav

    You must provide in written format. Because reading is more user friendly than video. Anybody can’t watch video everywhere. like when someone is outside . But reading can be done anywhere.

  • Viren Tanwar

    it’s a good initiative but I like the earlier one the best
    this one is very time consuming.

  • deeptigsng


  • Prakash Singh

    Hi its good Gk today if start the voice G.K that will be also better

  • Prajwal Jogta

    please avoid this type of videos and you must provide in written format plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • RakeshSharma

    How can I download this vidio.

  • navita

    Previous one was better.

  • Dhruv Sahni

    Previous one was more helpful..

  • Amit thakur

    Nice concept…..thanks

  • Ritesh974

    Its a good thought but if you ask me personally den i would like to go through notes with some related pics rather going for the videos as its hard to fit in memory but its good it should also be there as it may benefit some one.

  • Ashish Kumar Thakur

    i think.. written form is good for time saving.. kam time me jyada padhai

  • Tulasi Ram

    wow…this is damm cool mam….explanation with other options…very good..we can learn a lot terms by this…hope this one gets all opts..!

  • David Arputharaj

    Many say to go back to previous version. As an ardent user of GKT, I can say this initiative is a welcome one for both IAS and Bank exam preparations.
    However, I would suggest to have both versions,
    1. Quiz page ( Old ) – easy for bank exam takers
    2. Video initiative ( New ) – Helpful for IAS exam takers and soon will be adapted by everyothers too.

    Dont stop this video quiz learning initiative. Its Awesome!!!

  • Er Naveen Kc

    Quiz is better than this video method so…continue old method

  • shaleen25

    I prefer Reading Method(old). No Video quiz… Please

  • shreya_singh

    Quiz page is better than video.Moreover I would like to request gktoday to also upload all current banking world related news thoroughly,as in general awareness section in banking exams,50% banking awareness questions appear.It will help a lot.Thank you!!

  • Suhasreds1

    Video method takes more time than previous method of reading. I prefer reading method.

  • Renu Ka

    if a person get fluent english knowledge means this method is superb.simply say all states first graduate is very difficult.we are developing agri country.so if you dont mind previous method is simply superb we need this .or else put both type .thank you very very much for your great service

  • sampathdamerla

    Its a very good news to here… That gk today is going to start the vides for daily gk quiz, but in my openion it should be completed in a 1-2 minutes to complete 10qs daily. Plz try to reduce the extra information which is un necessary.. Plz provide what is necessary..

  • sampathdamerla

    Reading method takes less time..
    But videos taking more time, which is very costly thing for a student who is preparing for competitive examinations

  • sampathdamerla

    I pprefer previous method( reading)… Which consumes less time

  • [email protected]

    though video is time taking but it is leaving a deeper knowledge impression over the mind …so its really a great initiative. i have also watched videos which is uploaded for august’s current affairs .GKtoday team is doing these all for free so i m very much thankful to them .those who r used to monotonous listening ,video is best for them .and quiz page is also very good.do provide both.


  • Sumit Kumar

    Loved the explanation part of the video (Y)

  • Sanskriti Jain

    unable to view the video sitting in office as video buffering is banned … reading was definitely more preferable

  • Gourav Patel

    previous one was bettter