Indian Polity

Difference Between United States President and Indian President

May 7, 2016

How the office of the US President is different from that of the Indian President? Manner of election US president is more or less directly elected whereas the Indian president is indirectly elected. The advantage of the directly elected head of the government is the stability of...

Delimitation in India

February 22, 2016

Delimitation means the drawing of boundaries. The boundaries may be domestic, national and International, but the most general use of this term is in context with electoral boundaries. Article 82 (Readjustment after each census) makes provision for delimitation of the electoral boundaries. It is the process of...

Parliamentary Fora in India

November 11, 2015

The Parliamentary Fora or Forums provide a platform to members of the house to have interaction with the Ministers concerned, experts and key officials from the nodal Ministries with a view to have a focused discussion on critical issues facing the country so as to enable them to effectively...

Difference between Censure Motion and Motion of No Confidence

November 11, 2015

Censure motion is moved against the Council of Ministers, a group of ministers or as individual Minister for the failure to perform duties. The censure motion is usually moved by the opposition party against the ruling party or any of its ministers for failure to act in...