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India US Totalization agreement

November 28, 2015

Totalization agreements are international social security agreements that eliminate dual social security taxation, both in the home country and the country where an employee works. Once it is signed it would benefit workers of both the countries. What is a Social Security Agreement (SSA)? A social security agreement...

United States: India’s Foreign Policy Challenges

June 23, 2015

India and the U.S. share common ground at the level of democratic ideologies, their economies and problems faced due to terrorism. At present, the two countries have wide scope to engage in 5-T areas viz. Tourism, Trade, Technology, Tradition and Talent.  There is scope in future agreements...

India-US Relations: Next Steps in Strategic Partnership

June 10, 2015

Historically, the relations between India and US have alternative trends of warmth and thaw in bilateral relations. Several factors that undermined the relation of India US were as follows: India-Pakistan Relations was one of the important barometers of relations of either country with United States. Successive American...