Governance in India

Block Chain and Distributed Ledger Technology

November 5, 2016

In India, governance bodies at all levels are grappling with an explosion of information from various traditional channels of information supply like property and land records, data pertaining to population, geography, welfare schemes etc. Apart from the traditional channels newer sources of data emanating from corporate compliance...

Crisis of Accountability and Governance in India

March 28, 2015

Accountability in India has two facets, separate but interrelated. The first is political, where the executive is accountable to Parliament, which has many devices and Instrumentalities for keeping tabs on the executive. The second facet is primarily administrative, where the (political) executive holds the civil servants accountable...

Importance of Ethical Values in Good Governance

March 26, 2015

Discuss the values that characterize good governance while throwing light on their importance.

Gigantic Memorials and public good

December 21, 2014

“Instead of mindlessly spending money on gigantic memorials, it would serve the public good if it is spent on conserving neglected heritage structures.” Comment.

Initiating policy and legislative decisions as a reaction to public events in India

August 13, 2013

In the Parliamentary democracy we follow, it is the prerogative of the legislating bodies, viz. the Parliament and State Assemblies to enact laws. In the sphere of legislation, the Constitution provides that the Parliament is the supreme law making body of the country. However, this authority of...