Global Economy

World Rubber Production

September 21, 2015

Global natural rubber production stood at around 12 million tonnes in 2014 and Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam are the top natural Rubber Producing countries. Vietnam is the new entry at third place, which was earlier held by Malaysia. Overall, the nine big rubber producing countries are Thailand,...

Present Global Economic Scenario and Role of United States

September 13, 2015

US will expectedly lead revival for the developed world and India for the developing world with oil prices on a downward spiral followed by other commodity prices. The economies are no longer exclusive but are greatly intertwined with each other. The workers are becoming global players so...

Reasons for drastic fall in Global Oil Prices

September 13, 2015

The global oil prices have always dismayed the oil-watchers and have left many economic analysts both perplexed and worried about the future of the commodity and its spiralling effect on others. The recent drop in prices has started to point towards the fall in economic health of...

European Commission’s Economic Recovery Plan

January 13, 2015

Barriers to investment in Europe have little to do with the lack of financing. Europe is gripped with a misguided investment mania. The new European Commission’s economic recovery plan is based on increasing investment by 315 Euros over a spread of three years. The plan is considered...