National Integration and Role of National Integration Council

October 27, 2016

National integration is the creation of a feeling of oneness where the diversities are recognized and respected by imbibing a sense of nationhood. The diverse Indian society is unified by certain emotional forces thus leading to national integration.  The chief objective of national integration is to encounter...

Communalism in India

October 27, 2016

Communalism in India has developed through a long and complex process bearing burden of history and sectarian politics. Burden of History To begin with, the seeds of communal violence were sown by the British implementing the policy of ‘divide and rule’. To achieve the objectives of such...

Law and Order : State Subject vs National Issue

January 21, 2015

Law and order is undeniably a State subject but when communal or caste-based violence results in the gratuitous killing and displacement of innocents, the issue ceases to be a State problem and turns into a national catastrophe. Do you agree with this view? Opine

Rise of Separatist Trends and Origin of Muslim League

October 20, 2011

The seeds of Muslim communalism were sown by Syed Ahmed Khan, who remained loyal to the British in 1857 mutiny. He was suspicious of the Indian National Movement under Congress and called the Muslims to remain loyal to the British Raj. He was of the belief that the...