September 19, 2015

Current Coffee Production in India

The latest coffee year (October-September) has just ended and Coffee Board has released its final data of 2014-15. State & DistrictsFinal Estimate 2014-15 ArabicaRobustaTotal Karnataka Chikmagalur38,20040,88079,080 Kodagu18,0301,04,0901,22,120 Hassan18,52513,50532,030 Sub total74,7551,58,4752,33,230 Kerala Wayanad056,67556,675 Travancore8807,3708,250 Telliampathies1,1751,6002,775 Sub total2,05565,64567,700 Tamil Nadu Pulneys7,3003257,625 Nilgiris1,5503,8505,400…

September 19, 2015

Difference between Robusta Coffee and Arabica Coffee

Arabica is more popular as a drink in comparison to Robusta mainly because of the taste. Robusta is robust and has almost double the caffeine than Arabica but this higher caffeiene content results in inferior taste.Around 20-25% of all the…

September 19, 2015

Key Facts about Coffee Plant

Coffee is prepared from the roasted seeds called as Coffee beans.  Coffee is grown in more than 70 countries of the world.  Due to Caffeine, it gives stimulating effects.  It originated in Ethiopia and its cultivation expanded from the Arab…