Capital Markets

May 5, 2015

What are the factors that influence the price of a stock ?

Factors that influence the price of a stock can be stock specific or market specific. The stock-specific factor is related to people’s expectations about the company, its future earnings capacity, financial health and management, level of technology and marketing skills.…

May 5, 2015

What is Forfeiture of Shares?

When shares are allotted to an applicant, it becomes a contract between the shareholder & the company. The shareholder is bound to contribute to the capital and the premium if any of the company to the extent of the shares…

May 5, 2015

Issue of shares at premium and at discount

A limited company may issue the shares on following different terms. Issue of Shares for Consideration other than cash or for cash or on capitalization of reserves. Issue of Shares at par i.e. at face value or at nominal value.…