Bills and Act

November 13, 2015

Right to Privacy Bill 2014 : Current Status

Currently, the Right to Privacy in midst of drafting. The first such draft came in 2011 and the current bill is Right to Privacy Bill 2014. This bill recognizes the Right to Privacy as a part of Article 21 of…

November 13, 2015

Human DNA Profiling Bill 2015: Salient Features

DNA is made up of sequence of nucleotides and this sequence is different for each individual. Each sequence acts like a code that determines the characteristics of particular individual. Therefore, an individual’s DNA profile created by recording the sequence of…

September 29, 2015

National Food Security Act 2013

National Food Security Act 2013 extends to whole of India and it was to be rolled out by the states within one year of its enactment. But, majority of the states were not able to do this mainly because it…