Bibek Debroy Committee

November 15, 2015

Revamping Organisational Structure Of Railways

Over the years, in the absence of any strategic focus, the railways have steadily deteriorated in terms of service quality, safety and financial performance. Any improvement in given areas require a complete overhauling of the organizational structure of railways. Many…

November 15, 2015

Privatization of Indian Railways: Issue Analysis

So far, the private sector's participation in railways has been very less in India, compared to sectors like ports, telecom, electricity, airports and roads. Several attempts have been made in the past to involve the private sector in various arenas…

November 15, 2015

Railway Regulatory Authority of India

An independent Railway Regulatory Authority of India was recommended by the Bibek Debroy Committee for Mobilization of Resources for Major Railway Projects and Restructuring of Railway Ministry and Railway Board. This committee observed that in Indian Railways, the same organization…