Bhoodan Movement

December 5, 2015

Voluntary Efforts in Land Reforms in India

Voluntary efforts by organisations were initially focussed on poverty alleviation. After the Bhoodan and Gramdan movements, voluntary organisations took up the issue of land reforms. They started working for the voluntary donation of land and its redistribution to the landless.…

December 5, 2015

Bhoodan and Gramdan movements

The Bhoodan and Gramdan movements led by Vinoba Bhave attempted to bring about a "non-violent revolution" in India's land reforms programme. These integrated movements were an attempted to implement land reforms by urging the landed classes to voluntarily surrender a…


Endless experimentation to Rural development

India’s overwhelming majority of population lives in villages. It is because of this rural development is a crux of India’s development strategy. Despite the serious commitment on the part of government, the benefits of the programmes do not seem to…