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Shadanga of Indian Paintings

Painting (Alekhyam) occupies the fourth place among the 64 Arts enumerated by Vatsyayana in his Kama Sutra. While concluding, Vatsyayana has written a Shloka which amply indicated that painting was fully developed during that period and the six limbs of Painting (Shadangas) enumerated in the Kama Sutra were already in vogue. These six limbs of Indian Paintings are:

  • Rupabheda: The knowledge of appearances.
  • Pramanam: Correct perception, measure and structure.
  • Bhava: Action of feelings on forms.
  • Lavanya Yojanam: Infusion of grace, artistic representation.
  • Sadrisyam: Similitude.
  • Varnikabhanga: Artistic manner of using the brush and colours.
Last Updated: December 17, 2013