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‘Right to Public Services Act’ notified in Assam

imageWhat is “Assam Right to Public Services Act, 2012”?

It is a law passed by the Assam government in order to provide better public services to the citizens in a time-bound fashion. The new Act will provide rights to the citizens to get “notified public services” within a definite timeframe and also fixes responsibility on public servants to provide these services in a time-bound fashion. The appellate authority or the reviewing authority will be empowered to inflict penalty or take direct disciplinary action against the designated public servant for his/her inability to perform. The notified service is likely to include ration cards, birth and death certificates, water, power connections and works related to land revenue departments.

What is the purpose of a Right to Public Services legislation?

  • A Right to Public Services Legislation comprises statutory laws which guarantee time bound delivery of services for various public services rendered by the Government to citizen.
  • It provides mechanism for punishing the errant public servant who is deficient in providing the service stipulated under the statute.
  • It is meant to reduce corruption among the government officials.
  • To increase transparency and public accountability.
  • The prime focus of the it is on offering good governance. 

Which was the first Indian State to enact Right to Service Act?

Madhya Pradesh was the first state in India to enact Right to Service Act on 18 August, 2010.


Last Updated: April 6, 2012