Andhra Pradesh


Which of the following district is called as the “Rice Bowl of Andhra Pradesh” ?
[C]East Godavari
[D]West Godavari

East Godavari
Andhra Pradesh is historically called the “Rice Bowl of India”, although the same term is also used for Chhattisgarh. In Andhra Pradesh itself, East Godavari district is known as the rice bowl of Andhra Pradesh.


India’s top state in fish farming is__:
[D]Andhra Pradesh

Punjab is set to cross 1 lakh tonnes of fish production in the current year 2012-13, which would be record production in the country and more than 8,000 tonnes from the fixed target of 93,000 tonnes. More than 50,000 farmers were earning their livelihood directly or indirectly through fish farming. By producing 6,560 kilograms of fish per acre, Punjab has become number one state in fish farming besides playing a significant role in agriculture diversification.


4th World Telugu Conference was hosted by ___:

In 2012, Tirupati hosted the three-day World Telugu Conference . Telugu is one of the oldest classical languages of India. The word ‘Telugu’ was probably derived from trilinga or Trilinga desa. According to legend, Lord Shiva descended as linga on three mountains, Kaleswara, Srisaila and Bhimeswara, dotting the Telugu region. Experts believe that Telugu was split from Proto-Dravidian languages between 1500 and 1000 BC.


Which one of the following cities has been chosen as ad hoc capital of Andhra Pradesh?

The Andhra Pradesh government has decided to have an ad hoc capital at Vijayawada until the needed infrastructure and other projects for the new capital are completed.