The location of Kalibangan is Pilibangān, between Suratgarh and Hanumāngarh in Hanumangarh district of Rajasthan. It was excavated by A Ghosh in 1953 and later by BB Lal & B K Thapar in 1961. It has given the evidence of both Pre harappan culture in the lower layer and harappan civilization in the upper layer.

  • Kalibangan means black bangles.
  • The most important discovery of Kalibangan is a ploughed field.
  • A wooden furrow has been found, 7 fire altars in a row have been found and they suggest the practice of sacrifice.
  • Bones of camel have been found at Kalibangan.
  • At Kalibangan a tiled floor which bears the intersecting signs of circles has been found.
  • The burials have been found in two types of pits viz. circular graves and rectangular graves.

The bricks used in Kalibangan were earthen ones and Kalibangan was not as better planned.

  • There was no drainage system in Kalibangan.



  • mohan sidhu

    kalibanga now in hanumangarh district of rajasthan

  • shelendra patidar

    kis sabhyta me shav(dead body)ka head north direction me rakhkar dhafnaya jata thaa?

    kalibanga / aahad

    plz give me answer

  • Lalit k. chouhan

    kalibanga is present time in hanuman darh district

  • ghulam akhter raza

    could you please tell me the time period of kalibangan civilization.

  • chakshu shukla

    @shekenda patidar-
    Three types of burials were found in mature harappan phase kalibangan culture(harappan yugin kalibanga) having direction of body head in the north .so right ans is kalibanga.

    source of this information is-
    history of rajasthan from earliest to 1956 AD by VMOU

    @Ghulam akhter raza
    -The radio carbon c14 dates available for pre harappan kalibangan period settlement span a time period between circa 2920BC to 2550 BC*,A cluster of six dates between 2550 and 2440BC suggest the beginning of the mature harappan period at the site.
    the mature harappan kalibangan period has been dated between c.2500BC and 2000 BC .previously the pre harappan kalibangan period was thought to date between circa 2400BC to 2250BC and the mature harappan kalibangan period between 2200BC to 1700 BC.However with the “MASCA CALIBRATION” or correction of c14 dates,this earlier time framework stands revised.
    *-ALlCHIN and ALLCHIN 1982 PP 159.

    SOURCE OF THIS INFORMATION IS -A history of rajasthan by rima hooja book page no.53 and 55.