Socio-Economic Awareness for Bank PO Exams - Page 3

Socio-Economic Awareness

Living standard of the poorest of urban population improved: NSS data

As per the 68th National Sample Survey Data: There is 17 % improvement in expenditure patterns of the poorest segment of India’s urban population in two years till 2011-12. The poorest 10 % of India’s rural population had an average Monthly Per Capita Expenditure (MPCE) of Rs 503.49 per month. As per NSSNational Service Scheme,

Gunman kills 6 at Sikh Temple in Wisconsin

A gunman shot 6 worshippers dead at a Sikh temple at Oak creek in Wisconsin. Oak Creek: A city in Milwaukee County of Wisconsin state of US. Wisconsin: A state located in north central region of the US. The US has 50 states. Sikhism is 5th largest organized religion in the world, with more than

D R Mehta to be awarded Rajiv Gandhi National Sadbhavana Award

D R Mehta who is known for popularising Jaipur Foot will be awarded 20th Rajiv Gandhi National Sadbhavana Award. The Award is being given to him for his exceptional contribution towards promotion of communal harmony, peace and goodwillThe part of value of a business that is based on good customer relations, high employee morale and

India’s anti-ragging portal unveiled

Government of India launched an anti-ragging website ‘’ which will facilitate students of various universities, colleges and professional institutes to register online complaints against ragging or harassment and seek quicker action. The portal will be managed by UGC. The portal has been built by the Aman Satya Kachroo Trust in collaboration with Rajendra Kachroo, father

SC slashes the VIP quota for Haj pilgrimage from 5050 to 300

The Supreme Court of India slashed the VIP quota for Haj pilgrimage from 5050 seats to 300. The remaining 4750 seats will be added to the general category. As per the ruling of the court under the reduced quota, the President of India can recommend 100 pilgrims, the vice-president 75, the prime minister 75 and