Indian History Quiz

June 25, 2012

Quiz 635: Indian History for SSC-CGL Examination

1.The evidences of ‘pit-dwelling’ have been discovered from which of the following ancient Indian sites? [A]Lothal and Kalibangan [B]Burzahom and Gufkaral [C]Ropar and Rangpur [D]Kalibangan and Surkotada Burzahom and

June 2, 2012

Quiz 625: Indian History for RAS Examination

1. Consider the following policies followed by the Governor Generals for the expansion of their dominions and consolidation of their rule during the 3 stages of the process of

May 31, 2012

Quiz 133 : Indian History

1. ‘Padshah-nama’ (Chronicle of the Emperor) written by Abdul Hamid Lahori, is the official visual history giving a detailed account of the reign of which of the following Mughal

April 9, 2012

Quiz 605: Indian History for SSC Examinations

1. Which among the following was the First Revolutionary organization of Bengal ? [A]Hindustan Socialist Party [B]Anushilan Samiti [C]India House [D]Jugantar Party Anushilan Samiti Show Answer 2. To do

February 10, 2012

Quiz 117 Indian History

1. During Freedom Struggle of India, which among the following movements started with Dandi ? [A]Swadeshi Movement [B]Noncooperative Movement [C]Civil Disobedience Movement [D]Quit India Movement Civil Disobedience Movement Show

October 23, 2011

Quiz 84: Indian History General Studies

1. As per Vedic rituals, which among the following is the divine messenger who receives the prayers and conveys them to the heavenly spheres? [A]Agni [B]Soma [C]Varuna [D]Indra 2.