Indian Economy Quiz

June 28, 2012

Quiz 637: Indian Economy for All Examinations

1.Public Distribution System(PDS) is operated under the responsibility of the: 1.Central Government 2.State Governments [A]Only 1 [B]Only 2 [C]Both 1 and 2 [D]Neither 1 nor 2 Both 1 and

June 6, 2012

Quiz 627: Indian Economy

1. Consider the following statements: 1.Bulk of employment in India is in rural areas. 2.The disguised unemployment in agricultural sector is perennial. 3.Industrialization has rendered several people jobless in

May 1, 2012

Quiz 120 : General Knowledge for SSC-CGL Examinations 2012

1. Which among the following is considered to be a part of Shadow Banking in India? [A]Business Correspondents [B]Bancassurance Providers [C]Non-Banking Financial Companies [D]Private Banks Non-Banking Financial Companies Show

February 11, 2012

Quiz 118 : Indian Economy for Bank PO Exams

1. The Rangpo-Sivok Railway line, which is being constructed as a ‘National Project’ connects which among the following two states of India? [A]Arunachal Pradesh ↔ Tripura [B]Sikkim ↔ West

November 26, 2011

Quiz 100 : Indian Economy Bank PO special

1. Who among the following leaders announced the Industrial Policy of 1956? [A] Sardar Patel [B] Jawaharlal Nehru [C] Balwant Rai mehta [D]J B Kriplani 2. Which among the

October 7, 2011

Quiz 68 : Finance and Economy for Bank PO Exams

1. Which among the following is a correct feature of a perpetual bond? [A]Perpetual Bonds have no fixed interest rates [B]Perpetual Bonds have no fixed maturity [C]Perpetual Bonds have