Marketing Aptitude Quizzes

March 26, 2010

Marketing Aptitude Quiz 12 – For Banking Examinations

1.Under which of the following in marketing DAGMAR Approach comes? (A)Market Segmentation(B)Advertising(C)Pricing Decisions(D)Marketing Strategy(E)Marketing Ethics 2.Which among the following generally does not come under Corporate Banking?(A)Structured Finance(B)Government Banking(C)FI, Capital

March 13, 2010

Marketing Aptitude Quiz 11

1.Which among the following works as an access barrier?(A)Trade laws(B)Tariff(C)Communication(D)Price(E)None of them 2.A company who manufactures motorcycles buys another company which used to supply it clutch wires. This is

January 31, 2010

Marketing Aptitude for Banking Exams : Quiz 10

1.Recently we read in the newspapers that ITC has appointed cricketer Yuvraj Singh and film actor Soha Ali Khan as the brand ambassador for the Classmate brand of notebooks

November 7, 2009

Marketing Awareness (Quiz 8 )

1.Which among the following indicates Positioning?(A)How consumers perceive the product(B)How competitors perceive the product(C)How products are displayed on the shelf.(D)Product compared to your competitors(E)None of them 2.When a person

November 2, 2009

Marketing Aptitude for Bank Examinations (Quiz 7)

1.Which among the following finds a top place in Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs?(A)Physiological Needs(B)Safety Needs(C)Social needs(D)Esteem Needs(E)Self Actualization needs 2.Which among the following are referred to as “Bottom of

October 30, 2009

Marketing Aptitude (Quiz 6) For Bank Examinations

1.In which of the following situations Net profit is maximized?(A)Contribution is maximized(B)Contribution is minimized(C)Fixed Cost increased and variable cost decrease(D)Fixed Cost remains unaltered(E)None of the above 2.Routinisation of Decision

October 26, 2009

Marketing Awareness : Quiz 5

1.Which among the following is the goal of ‘Effective Marketing’?(A)Boosting Sales(B)Boosting profits(C)Cost Control(D)Long lasting Customer Relationships(E)All of the above 2.Which among the following term is used when “supply exceeds

September 1, 2009

Marketing Aptitude Compendium 4

Two exams are coming very shortly: one is Union bank of India Marketing Officers exam (September 6) and another SBI management Executive Exam (September 13). Its not possible to

July 27, 2009

Marketing Aptitude : Quiz 4 for Bank Examinations

1.Which among the following is not a direct factor of Marketing Environment?(A)Policy of the firm(B)Marketing Distribution Channel(C)Labor Policy of the Government 2.Which among the following does not come under