January 5, 2013

Mulk Raj Anand

Mulk Raj Anand (1905-2004) was a founding father of the Indian novels in English. He was from Peshawar, Pakistan and is acclaimed as of being India’s Charles Dickens. He

December 31, 2012

Municipality Bonds in India

Municipal bonds all over the world have a huge capital market but in India these have not been used. The government is drawing up a list of municipalities which

December 25, 2012


Meteosat-10 is the latest second generation weather satellite (MSG-3) in Europe’s highly successful Meteosat series launched from Ariane 5 spacecraft 5 July, 2012 from Europe’s Spaceport at the Guiana

November 24, 2012

MV Nair Panel on Priority Sector Lending

Reserve Bank panel headed by Union Bank of India Chairman and Managing Director M V Nair has made some important recommendations on priority sector lending. Please note the following

November 12, 2012


A team from Imperial College, Hull York Medical School, Medical Research Council Clinical Trial Unit and Infectious Disease Research Institute in London is carrying out what they claim is

October 7, 2012

Microsoft Azure

Windows Azure is a Microsoft cloud computing platform and is a Platform as a service (PaaS) offering from Microsoft Online Services. The platform consists of various on-demand services hosted

October 2, 2012


MARPOL refers to Marine Pollution . MARPOL 73/78 is the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution From Ships, 1973 as modified by the Protocol of 1978. It entered

October 2, 2012

Mithi Virdi

Mithi Virdi Nuclear Project The first first US nuclear reactor in India is bound for Gujarat at Mithi Virdi in Bhavnagar district. United States and India are on a

October 1, 2012


Accepting the recommendations of the task force headed by Shri Nandan Nilekani on IT strategy for direct transfer of subsidy, a mobile- based Fertiliser Management System (mFMS) has been