GK for SSC exams

May 1, 2012

Quiz 120 : General Knowledge for SSC-CGL Examinations 2012

1. Which among the following is considered to be a part of Shadow Banking in India? [A]Business Correspondents [B]Bancassurance Providers [C]Non-Banking Financial Companies [D]Private Banks Non-Banking Financial Companies Show

April 27, 2012

Quiz 615: GK for SSC

1. Tungbhadra multipurpose project is a joint venture of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.Tungabhadra is a tributary river of ___? [A]Krishna [B]Cauvery [C]Godavari [D]Sabarmati Krishna Show Answer 2. WL-711, DWL-5023

February 10, 2012

Quiz 117 Indian History

1. During Freedom Struggle of India, which among the following movements started with Dandi ? [A]Swadeshi Movement [B]Noncooperative Movement [C]Civil Disobedience Movement [D]Quit India Movement Civil Disobedience Movement Show

November 26, 2011

Quiz 99 : World Geography Basic Questions

1. Kampala is the capital of which of the following African countries? [A] Uganda [B] Zambia [C] Kenya [D]Angola 2. KLM airways belongs to which of the following countries?

November 26, 2011

Quiz 97 : Basic GK for All Exams

1.Cachaça, which is the most popular alcoholic drink and made from sugarcane is also the national spirit of________?(A)Mexico(B)Brazil(C)Italy(D)Malaysia(E)Australia 2.Which of the following country topped the Global Peace Index in

November 26, 2011

Quiz 96 : GK For SSC Examinations

1. Consider the following: 1. Help ISRO in Research 2. Help Department of Space in New Discoveries 3. Commercially sell Products & Services of Indian Space Which among the