January 1, 2013

E-Courts in India

E-Courts is a new concept where from filing of a petition till its disposal, use of paper is restricted to bare minimum. In a full fledged e-court, the lawyers

December 31, 2012

Electronics Manufacturing Clusters (EMCs) Scheme

In 2012, the Union Cabinet has approved the scheme for the development of Electronics Manufacturing Clusters (EMCs). Proposed scheme would support setting up of both Greenfield and Brownfield clusters.

October 1, 2012

Environment impact of Brick Kilns

India’s traditional brick kilns are noxious sources of pollution. The exhaust from the kilns mixes with diesel emissions and other fumes to form vast brown smog, known as an

September 26, 2012

El Gordo

A picture released by the European Southern Observatory shows a newly discovered galaxy cluster that has been nicknamed El Gordo — the ‘big’ or ‘fat one’ in Spanish. It

September 25, 2012

Epigenetics / Methylation

Epigenetics refers to chemical changes in our genetic material and proteins that regulate it. The best-known epigenetic mark is the methylation, the addition of a methyl chemical group (-CH3)

September 25, 2012

El Nino Modoki

El Nino Modoki first came in news in 2010. The El Nino is a periodic warming in the eastern tropical Pacific that occurs along the coast of South America.

September 24, 2012

EDF (Eco-Development Forces) Scheme

Eco-Development Forces Scheme was established in 1980s as a scheme being implemented through Ministry of Defence for ecological restoration of terrains, rendered difficult either due to severe degradation or

September 24, 2012


Envisat or the Environmental Satellite was an Earth-observing satellite of the European Space Agency (ESA) whose mission has ended in May 2012. It was launched in 2002 from French

September 23, 2012

Enola Gay

Enola Gay was the B-29 Superfortress bomber which became the first aircraft to drop an atomic bomb as a weapon of war. it dropped "Little Boy" on Hiroshima.

September 23, 2012

European Robotic Arm (ERA)

The European Robotic Arm (ERA) is a robotic arm to be attached to the Russian Segment of the International Space Station. It will be the first robot arm able