Where is the oldest and largest meteorite crater on Earth?

Maniitsoq formerly known as Sukkertoppen is a town in western Greenland located in the Qeqqata municipality which is the sixth-largest town in Greenland. In July 2012, the existence of a 100-kilometer (62 mile) wide crater centred about 55km south-east of Maniitsoq in West Greenland was claimed by scientists from the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS), along with some universities as the oldest and largest meteorite crater on Earth which is believed to have formed some three billion years ago. The region comprises a set of highly unusual geological features that were created during a single event involving intense crushing and heating and are incompatible with crustal orogenic processes. The study reveals that the crater was caused by a 30km-wide meteorite which striked the earth. In the three billion years since the impact, the land has been eroded down to about 25 km below the original surface.