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Extraordinary Career and End of Shivaji

Extraordinary Career and End of ShivajiChhatrapati Shivaji : Born 1630 – Died 1680. Shivaji was just 12 years younger than his number one rival Aurangzeb. His father had laid the foundation .....

The territories of Bijapur were attacked by Shivaji at will, but his ambitions led him to turn his attention to the Mughal territory to the North. He pushed his raids to the doors of Aurangabad. The growing power of Maratha was to be crushed anyhow. The Mughal viceroy of the Deccan was Shayata Khan, one relative of the Mughal emperor, who was ordered to carry out this task.

Shayasta Khan attacked Poona and captured the fort, where Shivaji played in his early childhood. Shivaji plundered the fort, Killed Shayasta Khan and then raided Surat, even the factory of the British was attacked.

The Raja of Amber Jaisingh was the new commander of the Mughals. Jaisingh, of Amber , who was loyal to the Mughal Throne was able to compel Shivaji for a peace treaty which enshrined that Maratha would give 23 forts to Mughals and Shivaji would appear in the court of AurangzebAurangzeb 1658-1707 Aurangzeb Alamgir sat on the peacock throne with an even longer title of Al-Sultan al-Azam wal Khaqan al-Mukarram Hazrat Abul Muzaffar Muhy-ud-Din Muhammad Aurangzeb ....., on an assurance that he would be treated properly.

But there, in the court of the King of India, he was asked to stand among the class III courtiers. The self esteem of Shivaji made him retreat from there, the Mughals imprisoned him but he was able to escape in disguise.

He resumed his old sway in the mountains in 1666. The emperor became too late in reconciliation. In 1671 Surat was again raided and the Maratha swarms spread and plundered the southerly past till Tanjore. They levied "Chauth" wherever they could. In 1674, he defeated the Mughal general Daler Khan and held his coronation with all the pomp at Raigarh and attained the title of "Chhatrapati". Just when he was getting ready for a great leap forward, a sudden illness put an end to his extraordinary career in 1680 at the age of 53. The Maratha Empire could not get stability during his career.

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