Target 2017 Details

GKToday’s Integrated IAS General Studies Programme (Target 2017) for Civil Services (Prelims & Mains) Examination 2017 is a comprehensive course for aspirants of UPSC Civil Services Examination and state level public services examinations. This programme was launched as Target 2016 in September 2015 and we are continuing it for 2017 also. This course will come to a conclusion with UPSC Mains Examination 2017.

Support Material: Prelims 2017

This programme covers support material for only General Studies Paper-1 of Civil Services Examination. No material support is available for Paper-II Prelims. The Prelims support material includes Study Material and Prelims Mock Tests.

Prelims Study Material

  • Around 80 E-booklets comprising basic study material arranged properly for clearing basic fundamentals. These booklets are available in dual mode viz. mobile friendly reading on website, and PDF downloads. These Modules are as follows:
    • Indian Polity & Constitution: This part comprises of 11 modules covering Fundamentals of Indian Constitution in simple, crisp and easy to revise format.
    • Geography for Prelims: This part comprises of 11 Modules covering fundamentals of Geography for Civil Services Examinations. These modules have covered geography comprehensively and are suitable for GS Mains also.
    • Environment & Biodiversity for Prelims: This part comprises 7 modules covering fundamentals of Environment and Biodiversity.
    • General Science for Prelims: This part comprises of 10 modules on General Science for covering basic aspects of Physics, Chemistry and Biology for Prelims Examination.
    • Indian History for Prelims: This part comprises of 10 Modules covering summary of Indian History from ancient to modern.
    • Indian Economy: This part comprises 15 modules on Indian Economy, originally written for Prelims & Mains during September to December 2015. The Economy documents are up for revision in Target 2017.

Prelims Mock Tests

In 2017, we are providing with 27 Mock Tests (100 questions each) of which 17 are sectional tests as per syllabus & schedule, and 10 Full Length Tests based on Current Affairs and Conventional Subjects. This test series had started on 20 August 2016 and will complete by May, 2016 before prelims. The members of this programme can also access 2014 Prelims Test Series; 2015 Prelims Test Series and 2016 Prelims Test Series.

Overall, the Prelims Section of this programme gives you enough resources to prepare and compete with the best. For additional resources for Prelims, please read this blog.

About Mock Tests

Out of the 27 mock tests, 17 mock tests are based on conventional syllabus module wise and rest 10 are full length. The Prelims Mock Tests are common for Test Series Members and Members of Integrated Programme.


During Target 2016, we had a hectic and tiring work pressure of covering as much part of static syllabus to create a premium library of comprehensive material for four papers of GS Mains. Most of the static syllabus was covered in Target 2016, however, basic study material on some fringe topics is remaining mainly due to asymmetric structure of the mains syllabus. These topics are to be covered but during Target 2017, however, our core emphasis will be on a 30 CGS (Current General Studies) documents focussing on current and dynamic topics for General Studies Mains.

GS Paper-1

Indian Culture & Art Forms

Apart from 10 Prelims Modules on Indian Culture (which are suitable for both prelims and mains), we had created a compendium of 151 questions for Indian Culture for Mains in Target 2016. During Target 2017, Indian culture related articles will be part of CGS documents.

Modern Indian History

During Target 2017 Programme, we shall be covering Modern Indian History in weekly CGS documents.

Modern World History

During Target 2016 Programme, we had created a basic text on modern world history in the form of seven documents. These documents are suitable for beginners, but you may need advanced text books. GKToday shall cover Modern World History in CGS documents in Target 2017.


In Target 2016, we have provided a Geography Q&A Supplement with 116 Questions and their relevant answers. In Target 2017, we have planned 5 new documents of Geography along with CGS documents.

GS Paper-2

During Target 2016, we have covered most of the GS Paper-II syllabus here. The remaining fringe topics include: Comparison of Indian Constitution with other Countries; Various Issues Related to Legislature; Ministries and Departments; Current Policy & Issues in Social Sector; Current Issues related to International Organizations and Current Issues Related to Indian Diaspora. These documents will be uploaded during target 2017 in between the CGS documents. However, there is no date fixed for them.

GS Paper-3

Basic material on GS Paper-III is available here. Since this paper is dynamic, we consider part of the content provided on Indian Economy part outdated and would be revising the Economy part once Budget and Economic Survey are available. However, during Target 2017, GS Paper-III will be a part of our CGS documents.

GS Paper-4

You can access the basic material on Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude here. No specific documents will be created during Target 2017.

Weekly Current GS Modules

Beginning from 26 December 2016, GKToday will provide a weekly document on current affairs and issues for members of this programme. This module is a collection of advanced, well researched articles and backgrounders on Current Affairs as well as advanced notes on static syllabus. Each module is in 65-70 pages. We have planned 30 Weekly CGS documents and last 2 documents on mains 100 topics.

Mains Test Series 2017

We shall be conducting a Mains Test Series with evaluation consisting of 12 tests as a part of Target 2017 Integrated Programme. The members can download the test papers, print them, write answers, scan and submit back for evaluation. All members of Integrated Programme are eligible to send their answer sheets for evaluation; and no separate enrolment is needed for this test series. The details and tentative schedule of Mains Test Series is given on this page.


The interested aspirants can join the programme by making online payment of Rs. 11000/-. If you are an existing / past student / subscriber of GKToday or we have applied automatic discount coupon to your profile, and you see a discounted cost when logged in.

Sample Content

  • Click Hereto take first test of Prelims Test series. Kindly register free and login to see download links.
  • Click Hereto view the Prelims Geography -3 Module (online version). Click Here to download PDF Version.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have already joined the Target 2017 Prelims Test Series Programme. Should I pay 11000 more to join this programme?

No. We have already adjusted the cost paid by you in the cost of this programme. So, when you login, the cost for you automatically becomes Rs. 4800 after adjusting your payment towards Prelims Programme.

How I come to know when a new document is published?

We have given the links of upcoming documents in the sidebar. When we publish a new document, we either send a direct mail to you or make a public post delivered to all subscribers to GKToday.

I have been a member of Target 2016, when I should join Target 2017 programme?

Your profile shows the membership expiry date. After that date, you can re-subscribe the same programme if you wish to continue. The automatic discount is applicable to your profile.

Is this material available in Hindi?

No. All the material of this programme is in English only.

Do you provide any All India Merit List in Prelims Mock Tests?

No, we don’t do. There is a leader board which automatically inserts your name among the people who have taken test before you. There is no human effort in preparing any rank etc. for prelims test series.

Further, the sectional tests should be taken as a study material aid and not exactly as mock tests, because they just help you to clear nuances of prelims in more effective way. Rank may matter only in last 10 full length tests. Still, a rank among few hundred members does not give a clear picture. We may release some open tests near your examination for this purpose.

What is the last date to submit Mains Mock tests answer sheets?

A mains mock test answer sheet can be submitted for evaluation within one month of its publishing date. Please check Mains Test Series details here for more information.

Can I share the downloaded files in public?

We request you to not to do so. The files you download are for your personal use and we give you freedom to use them in multiple devices for your own use and print them for your personal study. Each document downloaded from GKToday’s server has your identity published on every page in two layers. The moment we find your files in public, we remove you from programme(s) without warning. No refund is made and no request for reinstating your membership is entertained. Further, kindly note that this programme is only for aspirants. Please provide your correct information {name, address, email and mobile} while enrolling into this programme.

Can I rely ONLY upon contents of this programme for my preparation?

GKToday courses are supplementary but we try to be as exhaustive as possible. However, our material may not be a sole source of your preparation for any particular examination.

Terms & Conditions

This programme is open for individual students and aspirants only. GKToday’s programmes are reliable companions which stay with you for a long term. Any misuse of GKToday documents will immediately remove you from programme without warning. No refund will be made. Sharing, Reselling, Republishing of GKToday’s Content is strictly prohibited.

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