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Computer Awareness : Quiz 1 : For Bank PO Exams

1.Which Microsoft-based technology was built to link desktop applications to the World Wide Web?
(A)Active Channel
(B)Active Desktop

2.What is the name of the digital circuit that performs arithmetic and logical operations in computers?
(A)Arithmetic Logic Unit
(B)Digital comparator

3.What is the full form of ADSL ?
(A)Automatic Digital Subscriber Line
(B)Asymmetric Direct Subscriber Line
(C)Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line

4.What is the difference between ADSL & DSL?

5.What is the full form of ANSI ?

6.Which among the following key is used for checking grammar and spelling?

7.An Autoresponder is a_______on mail server that automatically replies to e-mails.
(B)softwareThe computer programme which contains the instructions to make the hardware work are called software. There are two primary software categories viz. Operating Systems or .....

8.DDL is used to define the structure of a database, including the tables, columns, and data types that it contains. Its full form is ?
(A)Data Definition Language.
(B)Data Definition Link
(C)Data Determination Language.

9.A DSLAM is a device used by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to route incoming DSL connections to the Internet. What is its correct full form ?
(A)Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer
(B)Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplier
(C)Digital Service Line Access Multiplexer

10.RUP Stands for "Rational Unified Process." RUP is a software development process from Rational, a division of _______?

11.Which among the following defines web2.0 most precisely ?
(A)A New version of Internet
(B)A Series of technological improvements in World Wide Web
(C)A New labeling of old Softwares improved

12.Microsoft first introduced an operating environmentenvironment named Windows in which year?

13.32 bit operations were introduced for the first time by Microsoft in ________?
(A)windows 95
(B)Windows 3.0
(C)Windows 3.11

14.A GUID is a 128-bit (16 byte) number used by software programs to uniquely identify the location of a data object. What is correct full form?
(A)Graphical User Identifier
(B)Globally Unique Identifier
(C)Globally Unique Internet

15.Which among the following is responsible for allocating IP addresses and managing the domain name system.?
(A)Domain name warehousing
(B)Internet Corporation For Assigned Names and Numbers
(C)Internet Assigned Numbers Authority

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