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This is archive of GKToday’s daily General Knowledge and Current Affairs Quiz, which we started publishing in 2008.

July 14, 2009

Vocab Practice Quiz 12

Each question presents a sentence with a word or phrase in bold. Find the word or phrase which is similar in meaning to the word in bold. 1.Love remained

July 14, 2009

Quiz 156 : Geography

1.Which of the following countries is not a part of far East?(A)Myanmar(B)Taiwan(C)China 2.Which of the following sentences is incorrect ?(A)Arabian Peninsula is the largest in the world(B)Sirius is the

July 12, 2009

Quiz 155 : Indian History for Civil Services Exams

1.Battle of the Hydaspes was fought between Alexander and King Porus in 326 BC. Hydapses means which river________?(A)Chenab(B)Indus(C)Jhelum 2.Which among the following place is the birth place of Humayun?(A)Agra(B)Badakhashan(C)Kabul

July 10, 2009

Quiz 154: Indian Polity & Constitution

1.”Gandhi may die, but Gandhism will remain forever” In which session of Indian National Congress Gandhi ji said this?(A)Ramgarh 1940(B)Karachi 1931(C)Lucknow 1916 2.Lucknow pact was signed between Indian National

July 10, 2009

Marketing Aptitude : Quiz 2

1.A name, term, sign, symbol, or design used to identify the products of one firm and to differentiate them from competitive offerings is commonly called as ?(A)Trademark(B)Brand(C)Class 2.A name,

July 10, 2009

Quiz 153 : General Science : Everyday Chemistry

Compendium Related to This Quiz1.Galena & Litharge are ores of which of the following metals?(A)Mercury(B)Lead(C)Zinc 2.Graphite, Carbon and Diamonds are _________?(A)Isomers(B)Isotopes(C)Allotropes 3.Bleaching Powder is a compound of _______?(A)Sodium(B)Calcium(C)Magnesium 4.To

July 9, 2009

Quiz 152 : Bank PO Special

1.The Union Govt has planned to establish Rural knowledge Centers in various states. They will be established with the help of_______?(A)ADB Asian Development Bank(B)NABARD(C)RBI 2.BIFR was established under Sick

July 7, 2009

Computer Awareness : Quiz 1 : For Bank PO Exams

1.Which Microsoft-based technology was built to link desktop applications to the World Wide Web?(A)Active Channel(B)Active Desktop(C)ActiveX 2.What is the name of the digital circuit that performs arithmetic and logical

July 6, 2009

Marketing Aptitude : Quiz 1 for Bank Examinations

1.Technical complexity, Relatively fewer buyers and Involvement of cross functional teams in both buyer and supplier firms is a characteristic of which of the following Markets?(A)B2B Market (Business to

July 6, 2009

Quiz 150 : World Geography

1.Who among the following is associated with the discovery of rings of Saturn?(A)Galileo(B)Newton(C)Edmund Halley 2.What is the length of day and night when the rays from the Sun directly

July 5, 2009

Quiz 149 : Indian History for Civil Services Exams

1.Which among the following sites gives an evidence of maritime trade in harappan era?(A)Mohen-jo dero(B)Lothal(C)Kalibangan 2. Fa-Hien who came to visit India during Gupta Period had the main motive

July 5, 2009

Quiz 148 : Current Affairs

1.Commonwealth countries should create a World Knowledge Platform for natural fibres, linking the national missions of their countries which will enable people working in the natural fibre area to

July 2, 2009

Quiz 147 : General Science

1.Vitamin A, D & C are respectively called as ____________ ?(A)Retinol, Ascorbic Acid, Calciferol(B)Retinol, Calciferol, Ascorbic Acid(C)Pyridoxal. Calciferol. Ascorbic Acid 2.Sugar , Amino Acids, & Nucleotides are constituents of

July 1, 2009

Quiz 146 : Indian Economy

1.In India, which of the following has the largest area under cultivation?(A)Wheat(B)Rice(C)Cotton 2.The economic activities of Jharkhand are mainly dominated by ?(A)Commercial Agriculture(B)Mineral Resources(C)Small scale handicrafts 3.Which among the