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Welcome to the Banking Examinations Preparation Material Section of GKToday. In this section, you find Banking Awareness, Banking Current Affairs, Computer Awareness, Marketing Aptitude for IBPS Banking Recruitment Exams and other content on banking recruitment examinations.

Banking Awareness 2015

We have recently updated our Bank PO Study Material and converted it into a set of 16 dynamic E-books in the form of downloadable PDF documents. The 16 E-Books included in this pack are:

  • E-Book-1: History of Banking in India
  • E-Book-2: Structure of Banking in India
  • E-Book-3: Reserve Bank of India
  • E-Book-4: Banking Business
  • E-Book-5: Debit Card, Credit Card and Micro-Credit
  • E-Book-6: Negotiable Instruments
  • E-Book-7: Global Banking Regulatory Framework & Basel-III
  • E-Book-8: Money Markets
  • E-Book-9: Capital Markets
  • E-Book-10: Derivatives, Investments and Futures
  • E-Book-11: Non Banking Financial Companies
  • E-Book-12: Insurance Industry in India
  • E-Book-13: Recent Developments in Banking & Finance
  • E-Book-14 : Glossary of Important Terms for Banking Examinations
  • E-Book-15: Compilation on Latest Government Schemes
  • E-Book-16: Small Finance Banks & Payment Banks

The above PDF E-Books are available at for Rs. 599/at this link.

Banking Awareness Free Practice Questions

The below quizzes are a collection of some 250 multiple choice questions for free on-line practice for preparing banking examinations.

Banking Awareness YouTube presentations

Marketing Aptitude for Banking Examinations

The below articles on Marketing Aptitude for Banking Examinations were posted in GKToday way back in 2010 and our team is updating them currently and we add more chapters and quizzes soon.

A – Basics of Marketing Management
  1. Understanding Market
  2. Definition of Marketing
  3. Difference Between Selling & Marketing
  4. Who is a Customer?
  5. Evolution of Marketing
  6. Features of Marketing
  7. Functions of Marketing
  8. Importance of Marketing
  9. Meaning & Functions of Marketing Management
  10. Basic Concepts of Marketing
  11. Basics of Marketing Process
  12. Marketing Process: The Basic Schematic
B : Basics of Marketing Environment and Consumer Behavior
  1. Understanding Marketing Environment
  2. Understanding Consumer Behavior
  3. Cultural & Social Factors Affecting Buyer’s Behavior
  4. Personal Factors Affecting Buyer’s Behavior
  5. Economical Factors Affecting Buyer’s Behavior
C- Basics of Market Segmentation
  1. Understanding Market Segmentation
  2. A Marketer’s Questions on Segmentation Analysis
  3. Variables of Segmentation: Consumer Markets
  4. Variables of Segmentation: Industrial Markets
  5. Understanding Targeting Approaches: Differentiated, Undifferentiated, Niche & Micromarketing
D : Basics of Marketing Mix
  1. Understanding Marketing Mix : 4P’s and 4C’s
  2. The Extended Marketing Mix for Service Industry: Additional 3 P’s
E : Revision Summary:
  1. Summary Notes -1
  2. Summary Notes 2
  3. Summary Notes 3
  4. Summary Notes 4
  5. Summary Notes 5
E : Product
  1. Concept of Product
  2. Understanding Product Positioning
  3. Products versus Goods
  4. Convenience Goods, Shopping Goods and Specialty Goods
  5. Industrial Products
  6. Product Mix, Product Lines & Cannibalization
  7. Basics of Brand
  8. Product Life Cycle
F : Price
G: Promotion
H: Place
I: Other Ps of Marketing
J: Marketing of Banking Products

Computer Awareness for Banking Examinations

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