Quiz 51: Basic GK Objective Questions

1.Who is the founder of Wikipedia?
(A)Peer Schneider
(B)Byron Looper
(C)Rickard Eriksson
(D)Jimmy wales
(E)Mark Fletcher

2.Which range does Indus river originates from?
(A)Rotang pass Himalayas
(B)South easter part of Kashmir
(C)Northern slopes of Kailash Range
(D)North eastern part of Kashmir
(E)Eastern slopes of Kailash Range

3.Pick the wrong one out.
(A)Satluj orginates from Rakas Lake (connected to Manasarovar Lake)
(B)Ravi Orgiates from Rohtang pass in Himalayas
(C)Jhelum originates from south eastern part of Kashmir
(D)Chenab orginates from confluence of two rivers,The Chandra and Beas
(E)Beas orginate from Beas Kund(near Rohtang Pass)

4.Who was the Chairman of the Constitution Drafting committee and Architect of Indian constitution?
(A)Jawahar Lal Nehru
(B)C. Rajagopalachar
(C)Rajendra Prasad
(D)Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel
(E)Dr.Bhimrao Ambedkar

5.When was Quit India Movement or the August Movement Launched?

6.Durand Cup is associated with?
(C)Table Tennis
(E)Lawn Tennis

7.Deforestation is
(A)Conversion of forested areas into non forested areas.
(B)Conversion of Non forested areas into forested areas
(C)Thick smoke that hang over the forest
(D)coversion into fertile land
(E)conversion of forested areas into fertile land

8.Duncan Passage seperates:-
(A)Rutland Island and Little Andaman.
(B)Andaman and Nicobar
(C)North and South Andaman
(D)South andaman and little Andaman
(E)None of the Above

9.Forest Research Institute of India is located in

10.Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) of India acts as the chief accountant and auditor for the?
(A)Central govt
(B)Union govt
(C)State govt
(D)Union and state govt
(E)None of the above

11.Ashoka called the third buddhist council at

12.The Man Booker Prize or commonly called Booker Prize is given in which field?
(D)Fiction writing

13.According to Indian Constitution ,the vacancy in the office of the President of India shall be filled with in
(A)1 month
(B)1 year
(C)3 months
(D)6 months
(E)8 months

14.Where are located the World Bank Headquarters?
(C)Washington DC

15. Who was first President of United States?
(A)George Washington
(B)John Adams
(C)Abraham Lincoln
(D)Franklin D. Roosevelt
(E)John F. Kennedy’s

16.Normal Human blood pressure is

17.Human Rights Day is celebrated annually all over the world on which of the following dates?
(A)8th December
(B)9th December
(C)10th December
(E)12th December

18.What are the two categories of cell which nervous system is made up off?
(A) Satellite cell and Boettcher cell
(B)neurons and glial cells.
(C)(Gastric chief cell, Parietal cell
(D)Tendon cell and Macula densa cell
(E)None of the above

19.Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra is associated with which of the following classical dance forms of India?
(C)Bharat Natyam
(E)None of the above

20.Continent where Tundra type of climate is NOT found?
(B)North America
(E)None of the above

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